Snap frame double-sided A4 (G25). Elegant, robust and durable double-sided snap frame solution for suspension from the ceiling and in shop windows. A high-quality 25 mm wide aluminum poster frame with easy and quick poster replacement. Available in various formats as well as fireproof, weatherproof and vandalproof. Find your ideal design and ensure your message is always visible with the 25mm wide Snap frame profile design.

With the snap technique, the frame is easy to operate and you do not need to take down the double-sided snap frame A4 when changing the posters. Transparent PET foil is included, which is placed in front of your posters so that they are protected against the sun’s UV light and dust. Remember to choose suspension for the frame, which you will find further down in this screen under related items.

Størrelse 2 × 24 × 32 cm


25 mm – STANDARD




A4 ( 210 x 297 mm )