LED Outdoor are wind and waterproof and are used outdoors. The notice cabinets have a coated writing and magnetic steel surface, so you can write your messages directly with water-based whiteboard markers or set up notes and prints with magnets.

All the cabinets have a lockable door and frame in silver anodised aluminium. Premium Outdoor 12 x A4 is *top-hinged and fitted with gas springs, so the door stays in place while you change sales displays, notices, etc. LED light and adapter 12/24V with 300 cm cable are included. and the consumption is only 7.2W.

*The fact that the cupboards are top hinged is an important detail which makes the cupboard safe to work with even in strong winds. If you have tried operating a side-hinged information cabinet in windy weather, you will know the value of the top-hinged models such as SCT Outdoor, where the wind cannot reach the door, which in turn functions as a half-roof when changing the print.

Lock and 2 pcs. keys included per create and is the same for everyone, unless otherwise agreed.


Visual: W 89.8 x H 94 cm

Internal depth: 2.5 cm

Frame: W 102.5 x H 116.7 x D 4.7 cm

Posts: 200 + 50 cm

PROD. varenummer: SCT12xA4PHLED+SCPOST
Vægt55 kg





12 x A4