Snap frame 70×100 fire retardant B1 (G32). Elegant, resistant and durable. A simple and brand-approved high-quality poster frame solution in aluminum for 70 x 100 sizes. The frame has snap technology with easy and quick poster replacement. This popular frame solution is one of the safest, even if the accident happens and a fire occurs, eg in the hallway, the institution etc. The frame is made of materials that do not develop toxic smoke and gases in the event of a fire. Available in different variations and colors, fireproof, weatherproof, vandalproof and double-sided. Find your ideal design and make sure your message is always visible with the 70 x 100 Snap frame!

Vægt 5,31 kg
Størrelse 74,4 × 104,5 × 1,6 cm


Grøn, Gul